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Primal Survivor Publishes New Guides on Doomsday Preparedness to Help People Keep Safe

Primal Survivor has upped the rate at which it is publishing new material in anticipation of a cataclysm, and has created a suite of new guides and editorials aimed at disaster preparedness.


Walnut, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2015 -- Society has never been more fragile than it is today, and enemies are now hidden amongst society, with rival nation states no longer the problem, but disparate militant ideologies. Meanwhile the earth teeters on the brink of environmental collapse. As such, it has never been more important to be prepared for disaster situations, and Primal Survivor is a website aimed at helping people do just that. They have just published a suite of new, high quality content sharing actionable intelligence on how to stay safe and prepared.

The new editorials and guides are highly varied. The first includes information on the most important steps to take in the event of an electro-magnetic pulse attack that knocks out the grid, giving people guidelines on how to avert chaos in urban areas.

The second talks about improvised weapons that can be carried anywhere before being used for self defense in the event of rapid societal breakdown, panics and rioting. The final article is all about creating a bug out bag to keep the family safe in the event of an emergency, for the first seventy two hours.

These editorials add to an already impressive collection, including information on survival strategies that will get you killed, and insider tips on surviving a plane crash.

A spokesperson for Primal Survivor explained, "Primal Survivor is committed to helping people improve their chances for survival in a whole range of extreme but predictable scenarios, and giving people a plan they stick to in order to stay alive when faced with the many possible challenges that are facing us. This latest suite of articles is about not putting off for tomorrow the steps that can be taken today, and make a useful addition to our other articles, including how to create a home all points security system and more."

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Primal Survivor is an online resource center specializing in helping people stay alive in dangerous situations, and staying one step ahead of environmental and societal disruption, destruction and disaster. The website is filled with practical advice on staying alive, prepared and protected, as well as looking to forge a life after the fall.

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