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PrimeVOX Celebrates Superior VoIP Business Service Offered as Compared to Local Competition


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2016 -- Telephone services can be a significant cost for a Dallas/Ft Worth business.  It's also one that they clearly cannot do without. Fortunately, with the advances in VoIP making it more reliable, clear and feature-rich, switching to internet based VoIP from landlines has given way for most businesses to reduce significant spending.  Recently, in an effort to bring clarity to the differences in VoIP services in Dallas/FT Worth, PrimeVOX Communications celebrated the release of a comparison chart that shows how their company is the clear local leader in the space.

"A long time ago VoIP wasn't anything that could be really depended on, but those days are long gone," commented Luke Escude, CEO.  "In fact the VoIP technology we run here at PrimeVOX Communications contains our own code and runs remarkably well.  Our system is the first in the world that can deliver completely high-quality (HD) voice, low-bandwidth, and is fully encrypted using bank-level security.  In the 75,000 calls we've processed in the last few months we haven't dropped one call."

In a twenty feature comparison chart released by the company, PrimeVOX Communications clearly offers more features, with less extra fees when compared to other local VoIP providers.  In fact, none come close to the combination PrimeVOX Communications offer to their valued business clients without a contract commitment.

Clients are able to keep their existing numbers and in many cases their equipment, even if they are analog numbers. Customers also enjoy unlimited toll free calling, along with unlimited custom music on hold tracks and hunt groups. Inbound call queues, ring groups, and paging groups, are all also unlimited.

Request the comparison chart today here.

About PrimeVOX Communications, LLC
As a cloud-based PBX and VoIP service company, PrimeVOX is a new contender in the local DFW VoIP industry. Offering advanced technologies partnered with superior customer service, PrimeVOX is the premiere provider of voice services in the local area.

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