PrimoGrowBox Launches New Website Selling Indoor Stealth and LED Grow Boxes


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2012 -- Primo Grow Box is pleased to announce the launch of their new website selling stealth grow cabinets, LED grow boxes, and hydroponic and soil grow cabinets. Now that summer is nearing to end, it is the perfect time to get started on an indoor garden.

With an indoor growing box, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and other plants can be enjoyed year round.  There’s no need to wait until Spring to start growing a garden.  Fresh vegetables, spices, and herbs can be enjoyed every month out of the year with an indoor growing system.

Primo Grow Box’s line up of growing cabinets including both LED, soil, and hydroponic growing boxes.  Soil grow boxes are simply a traditional indoor garden in a cabinet. Grow 6 plants in one box, or grow as many plants as desired with additional boxes. Growing indoors for beginners is easiest with the soil growing boxes.

Hydroponic Stealth Grow Cabinets are the latest in indoor growing. Amazing results can be obtained with the right growing system.  Grow large or small plants, and up to 12 plants in one lockable cabinet with the variety of available grow boxes and cabinets at  Everything that is needed to get started growing indoors is included when ordering from, which now uses the GreenZing online checkout. 

What is a Hydroponic Grow Box?  Hydroponics simply is growing plants without the use of soil.  The plant roots absorb the water and nutrients while the hydroponic system maintains the perfect atmosphere and ideal growing conditions.  The in door growing process is simple.  After receiving a stealth grow cabinet, simply plug the hydroponic system into the pump. Grow cubes are put into place, the seeds are planted, and water is poured into the bottom of the tub until it touches the bottom of the net pots.  After keeping the cabinet dark for 24 to 36 hours, a simple lighting schedule is followed to help the plants start growing. By following the lighting and plant feeding schedule, beautiful, delicious, and/or healthy vegetation can be produced, indoors!

LED Grow Boxes are also available.  LED lights use less electricity and often produce better results, without the heat and using up energy.  LED grow boxes are a great investment because of the savings in electricity.  All grow boxes come with carbon filters, exhaust fans, lighting, bulbs, nutrients, and everything need to get started growing.

Growing vegetables, plants, herbs, and flowers has never been easier!  Start growing indoors today and enjoying healthy vegetation all year round by visiting

About Us:
Primo Grow Box was formed to provide a variety of indoor grow boxes and cabinets. Hydroponic Stealth Grow Boxes, LED Grox Boxes, and Soil Grow Boxes are all available at Primo Grow Box is owned by Cyber Marketing, LLC.