Prince Charming Fails His Fair Maiden! New Bestseller Reveals Guide for All Cinderella's to Become Financially and Emotionally Independent


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2016 -- Nine out of ten women will be solely responsible for their finances at some point in their lives. Prince Not So Charming – Cinderella's Guide to Financial Independence is a call to action that will inspire and empower women to take control of their finances regardless of the obstacles they face.

This book is a riveting journey with Cinderella as she navigates romance, emotional upheaval, and near-financial-death experiences – all of which lead her to find inner strength despite seemingly insurmountable setbacks.

Whether a high-powered executive or a single mom struggling to make ends meet, Prince Not So Charming encourages women to claim their power to create and protect their financial future.

"A fun page-turner with a healthy dose of financial reality throughout. A must-read for women of all ages." ~ Gail Graham, former Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Fidelity's Institutional Wealth Services

"This book should be mandatory reading to seniors in high school or college students. We teach arts, languages, English and math but we don't really teach business, money management, the benefits and detriments of this magical thing called credit, or relationship management - and this book helps lay a path." ~ Paul P. Donahue, President and CEO, Centerra Group, LLC

About Kathleen Grace, CFP, CIMA
Kathleen Grace, CFP, CIMA, and cofounder of Excelsior Capital Advisors, is a Managing Director of United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC. For over 23 years, Kathleen has provided sophisticated financial and estate tax planning strategies to Fortune 500 executives, affluent multigenerational families, entrepreneurs, and institutions by serving as her clients' Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Kathleen earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Miami and her CFP certification from the Wayne Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University. In addition, Kathleen was awarded the CIMA designation from the Investment Management Consultants Association with education and curriculum through the Wharton School of Business.

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