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Print Pelican Offering Environmentally Friendly Color Printing Services

Print Pelican, the leading commercial printing services provider in United States, has announced eco-friendly printing solutions for green businesses.


Riviera Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2013 -- Print Pelican, the Riviera Beach, Florida-based printing services provider, has announced new printing services for businesses that care for the environment. The company, which has already made a mark for itself by providing a range of high-quality printing services to customers in the United States, is now offering environmentally friendly printing solutions, which are the greenest in the market. Businesses opting for the new environmentally friendly prints will get their brochures printed on the company’s innovative 10% Total Recovered Fiber recycled paper, which is just as good as new paper, while still being gentle on the earth.

A senior executive of the company quoted, “We don’t want businesses that are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by making use of modern technologies to print their brochures on conventional paper. Catering to the needs of most of our earth loving clients, we have now come up with eco-friendly printing services for brochures, where the paper we use for printing has a good amount of recycled material in it. The inclusion of recycled material does not compromise the quality of prints as all the prints will still carry our company’s promise of service, quality and price.”

With rising threats of global warming and climate change, businesses around the world are now trying to reduce their carbon footprint by making use of energy saving technologies, reducing the amount of waste being produced, and reusing materials in one way or the other. Such businesses do not want to spoil their green credentials by getting their brochures printed on fresh paper. In such times, industries and other commercial establishments will obviously welcome the environmentally friendly printing services offered by Print Pelican.

“We are really proud of all the sustainable printing services that we offer. With the new eco-friendly printing services, we are making sure that businesses improve on their green credentials, while we ensure that we preserve natural resources, reduce energy usage at our plants and also reduce the amount of toxins that are emitted into the air and water. The recycled paper that we are now using for printing brochures includes recycled waste that consumers generate after reading some printed material. We make sure that we reduce the quantity of usable paper that reaches the landfills as waste”, further added the executive.

Businesses looking for eco friendly prints and brochures that are printed on recycled paper can opt for Print Pelican’s eco-friendly printing services for full color brochures in various sizes and designs. As with all other services offered b the company, the eco-friendly prints too are guaranteed to be in accordance with industry-wide standards for color printing. Moreover, if a business or client is ever unsatisfied with the prints, they can return the entire batch of prints and ask the company to reprint the entire batch without paying anything extra. For more information about Print Pelican as a brochure printing company visit .

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Print Pelican is a leading printing services provider in the United States, offering high quality and affordable color printing services. Based in Florida, the company is known for printing high quality booklets, business cards, brochures and calendars. For more information about Print Pelican and its brochure printing services visit.

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