Printec H.T. Electronic (Printec) Expands Line of Equipment Control Products


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Printec, a leading manufacturer of human-machine interfaces (HMI), has recently expanded its manufacturing capabilities of producing Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC’s) and Touch Screen assemblies to further support the markets of Medical, Industrial Controls, Appliances, Exercise Equipment and many others.

Over the last fiscal year, they have invested capital into our manufacturing centers to enhance our capabilities to support the higher demands and technologies being requested by today’s global market. We are continuing to look at other production lines as our customers’ demands increase, and pushing the envelope on technology.

The FPC circuits are particularly a high-interest item in electronic controls due to its flexibility, density (miniaturization), and overall lower cost when compared to typical PCBA’s. Printec has the capability to produce single side as well as multiple layers of FPC’s, while using various copper thickness and plating options. In addition, these FPC’s can be supplied as a bare circuit, as well as a fully populated circuit.

In recent years, Printec has seen an increase in demands in the touch screen technology of both resistive and capacitive assemblies. Due to this increase, we expanded our class 1000 clean room to assemble the touch screen technology into the membrane switch technology using Optical Clear Adhesives (OCA). These sub-assemblies provide a robust interface to support the medical, industrial, and automotive industries, where harsh chemicals and water-proof is required.

Printec realizes that quality controls, at a low cost, is required by our customers, and that is why we utilize our global customer service and engineering Teams to support these products and our customers. We have the ability to MFG globally as well as support customer locations around the world.

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About Printec
Since its founding in 1992 PRINTEC has earned a global reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of silkscreen printed products as well as high-quality membrane switches, subpanels, overlays and a myriad of other electromechanical display/interface products. Our goods are used extensively in all major commercial, industrial, and high-tech applications, notably for computers, robotics, communications, and medical equipment.

PRINTEC is a manufacturing source for many other HMI providers in the United States and worldwide – and because of PRINTEC’s excellent status and name recognition in the industry, some have used its name in their own branding and marketing efforts. But only one company in the US is officially part of the Printec Global family and still proudly bears its name – PRINTEC H.T. Electronics.