PriSecu - Mini Private Security Device with Powerful Gps Tracking Features


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- For every person their family, loved ones and the people they care about are their most valuable and important asset, people like to make sure that their family members or loved ones are safe and secure. It is almost impossible to keep a watchful eye on them constantly plus it is also unreasonable to constantly control their freedom. There has long been a need for a reliable and effective personal security device that lets people keep a eye on their loved one’s security remotely through a smart phone app or website but does not compromise their freedom.

PriSecu is the next-generation, cutting-edge Private Security Device that provides reliable information about user’s loved ones, washing away all their worries. The device alerts the users immediately whenever a person is in danger, met with an emergency health issue, or goes beyond the preset radius area thus ensuring that they are always under a watchful eye.

This is a great device for any parent who has multiple teenagers or growing up kids that they would like to keep an eye on all the time to ensure that they are not in any danger so they can take immediate action in case of criminal intrusion, emergency health issues, accidents, etc. PriSecu is a device created by GetIT Marketing, which is a IT company involved in research and development for the past 2 years. As an IT company GetIT Marketing is dedicated towards creating IT devices that will better people’s lives. Their current innovation, PriSecu, the reliable Private Security Device is in the developmental phase and is also ready for delivery. PriSecu needs the generosity of other people to reach its final stages of production and delivery.

PriSecu is loaded with amazing private security features and functionalities, PriSecu is a small yet powerful Private Security Device and GPS tracker that leverages Smartphone app or Google map to accurately pinpoint the exact location of a person or valuable. The device, measuring 60mm x 47mm x 17mm, uses advanced GPS tracking technology to instantly detect the accurate location, and GPRS/GSM network to instantly communicate the same to the user via a Smartphone app. The PriSecu device, attached to a loved one or valuables, can be located via iOS or Android apps or through our website, It allows real time tracking information that can be performed on demand. It also allows the user to listen to surrounding sound clearly up to 10m from the device. Furthermore. the device features a SOS button, Geo Fencing function, speed alert and a long lasting battery.

This device is surely for anyone who loves their family, thus they should support this cause. Visit to learn more.

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