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New Photo Editing App Enables Advanced Picture Enhancement


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- Prismit is a new photo editing and sharing application that allows easy image processing and a large selection of filters. Prismit provide an easy-to-use format where users can both edit and alter their photos all in one. The Prismit app has an simple user interface that’s easy for anyone from beginner to expert to use.

Most photographers and photo editing fans have to use multiple editing platforms in order to achieve their desired result. Not with Prismit. With Prismit, the user can do everything all at once. Prismit consists of two primary functions: Prism it and Fix it. In Fix it, a person can adjust basic enhancements; size, brightness, contrasts, ambience, white balance levels, etc. In Prism it, is the advance tool which allows the user to apply different filters, unlimited layers, and special effects to to create a unequaled high quality photograph.

Prismit is filled with many other state-of-the-art features Features include advanced sharpening and details using user specifications and restraints. Prismit also offers 360 degree rotation of image orientation as well. The user can stack multiple filters to the same image using filter packs and multiple blending options in order to create their own combination which they can share it with others users.

People can get inspired from others too. Prismit features a section where they can use predefined filter combinations already designed by other users or by featured artists. If they are a savvy photo editor, they can be the one to design filter combinations and share them with other too. That’s not all the user can share with other users. Through the Prismit app, the user can also share inspirational images with others to get them inspired.

Prismit was developed by a Kuwaiti app entrepreneur named Mohammed Shanab. All inquiries can be made via email:, or visit the app at

About Prismit
Just like a glass prism turns plain, boring light into a dazzling spectrum of colors, PRISMIT turns ordinary photos into stunning, original, easy-to-make pieces of art. With more than 100 unique, stackable filters & a bevy of high-powered photo editing tools, PRISMIT is your all-in-one photo editing & enhancement app.