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Prison Coach Welcomes Dr. C Tyrone Jennings as Director of Mental Health Services


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Dr. C Tyrone Jennings PhD has joined Prison Coach as the Director of Mental Health Services.

Dr. Jennings has over 25 years’ experience as a Psychologist and Psychiatrist in the Criminal Justice system. it provided a direct relationship with government agencies in the Criminal Justice and Mental/Behavioral Health industries, i.e. F.B.I., U.S .Marshall's Office, Parole Commission, U.S. Attorney's Office, Bureau of Prisons and the Federal Judiciary.

Oberfest states "Dr. Jennings role as Director of Mental Health is extremely vital in that prior to self-surrendering and upon reentry into society our client’s mental health is extremely important. Prison Coach is the most respected and first company to begin prison consulting and it's important that we continue setting the standard."

John Fuller-Vice President stated "Prison Consulting is about ensuring that Vietnam Veterans, substance abusers, white collar professionals and others who have led criminal lifestyles receive proper pre and post incarceration treatment; particularly if there is a history of drug and alcohol abuse. Dr. Tyrone Jennings is the best person on the planet to provide such.” Fuller further stated “Too many Prison Consultant companies have surfaced since we began and make false promises to reduce sentences by filing 2255 Motions for ineffective assistance of counsel against their attorneys. They should focus on the client’s mental and emotional well-being and leave the legal work to attorneys who are equipped to handle those matters.” Oberfest stated “By the time that motion is filed and responded by the Circuit Court a client could have committed suicide due to a condition linked to criminality such as antisocial personality disorder, impulse control disorders which are linked to criminal behaviors where as effective preparation might have prepared them to cope with prison if their case were denied. This position is right up Dr. Jennings alley.”

Saturday February 9, 2013 proved to be a busy day for Prison Coach. Oberfest was tied down in Texas with a client facing several years while John Fuller attended Career Day at the Marriott Hotel Downtown Philadelphia as a guest speaker for an event chaired by Dr. Jennings. The event was sponsored by Resource for Human Development which provides treatment and housing and resources for those with mental and behavioral health issues in addition to criminal tendencies.

Oberfest, Fuller and Jennings are expected to speak with “At Risk Youths” on February 27, 2013 at the Belmont Academy located at 631 Belmont Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11207.

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