Prison Consultant John Fuller Is Scheduled Keynote Speaker for Training Day Sponsored by NYPD and FDNY

Prison Coach John Fuller expects nothing less than full attention when he challenges nearly 100 of New York City’s rowdy youth to consider alternatives to bullying, gang violence, drug dealing and other nonconductive behaviors; this week, in Metro Tech located in Brooklyn, NY. New York City’s Police and Fire Department will sponsor the event.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2013 -- Prison Consultant John Doc Fuller Vice President at Prison Coach stated “Most if not all of these youth are misguided not only due to the family breakdown but also to the social collapse within their communities. If these young children are expected to reach their full potential, the communities from which they come must foster an environment in which they can thrive.”

Prison Coaches Steve Oberfest, John Fuller and Dr. Tyrone Jennings prepare first time inmates, mostly entertainments, athletes and politicians who are facing prison for the first time. As prison consultants, they also travel the country public speaking.

Steve Oberfest, President of Prison Coach LLC will not attend due to a client that is expected to self-surrender early next week. Oberfest did state “We’ve never shied away from the youth because we understand their struggles and as Prison Consultants we have a responsibility to forewarn them of what lies ahead if they fail to grasp the significance of what Doc Fuller will discuss. Let’s face it, parents, schools, churches and even radio stations have to share in the responsibility for what is transpiring with the youth. They should be thankful that the NYPD and FDNY are concerned about their future.”

Dr. Tyrone Jennings, Director of Prison Coaches Mental Health Services will likely be out of town but offered his take on the state of the youth with whom Doc Fuller will be speaking to. “Unfortunately most African Americans are oblivious to mental health services within their communities and the stigma of a mental illness being a sign of weakness is often portrayed as a personality flaw.” Prison Consultant Dr. Jennings further stated “Most of the times these youth have disorders that go underdiagnosed and ultimately are not treated adequately. It may not be the total factor but a primary factor that leads to incarceration.”

When Prison Consultant Fuller was asked about the pressures of the youth today he stated “These young men have a lot of pressures to not only be successful or competent but to simply graduate high school and live beyond 25 years of age and that’s sad. They essentially must react to a society that has gambled on them becoming womanizers, bullies, murders, drug abusers or dealers and irresponsible fathers to name a few. I can’t wait to get to Metro Tech.”

The event will be held Saturday March 16, 2013 at 9 Metro Tech, Brooklyn, NY 11201. For reservations or questions please contact FDNY’s Darrell Dennison at 917-279-5660.

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