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Prison Consultant Scheduled to Speak Nations Deadliest City

John Fuller will address Camden’s Youth on Drugs, Violence and Hip Hop


Cherry Hill, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- John Fuller President of Prison Coach Speaking and Consulting will speak in Camden, New Jersey Friday October 11, 2013 at the Youths Services for the City of Camden located at 715 Broadway. 2012 was the goriest in Camden’s history; the city of just 77,000 had 67 homicides. On average someone was shot almost once a day. Many are scared to walk the streets in broad daylight.

Fuller will be accompanied by fellow public speaker David Williams can identify with Camden’s violence. He was raised in Queens, NY and spent over 14 years incarcerated before making a firm decision to turn his life around. Williams stated “As with every violent city, we believe greatness can be found among these youth and have every intention of letting them know.”

John Fuller is a pioneer in the booming Prison Consultant industry. He began consulting in 2004. He is striving to change the outlook of the prison consulting industry with effective and unique services. His consultations prepare a person to adjust to a new life before surrendering for imprisonment. Apart from that, this prison consultant will teach the accused how to operate and behave inside bars, in order to survive.

John Fuller is a well-known Public Speaker focused on motivating audiences with new ideas and solutions that are effective for addressing and sorting out the biggest challenges of life. John Fuller along with David Williams speaks to adults and young students at colleges and about bullying, parenting, criminal behavior, alcohol and drugs.

The website features the testimonials of several people who have worked with John Fuller. One of them says, “I have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Fuller for many years. He is more than a Prison Coach; he is a Life Coach, who humbly serves the community hoping to make a change, some level of impact and gives hope to all who cross his path.”

When asked why he’s looking forward to going to Camden Fuller stated “These children have inherited a condition my generation created. There is no reason why I should sit back and let them believe selling drugs, teenage pregnancy and killing are a part of not only Black culture but any culture. These children need to feel that they are loved and be convinced that they can rise above the deplorable conditions that exist in this small city.” Fuller further stated “David Williams and I will return on November 11, 2013 to follow up with these children.”

A number of white collar criminals, professional athletes and politicians are said to have used the consultation services of John Fuller to redefine their lives. The workshops carried out by this public speaker enrich audiences with knowledge and awareness for the purpose of adapting to every single change and taking advantage of new opportunities. As a prison consultant, he systematically teaches the basic principles for surviving in prison. John Fuller and his experienced team also guarantee to help and support prisoners in emerging as better human beings, after the completion of the state or federal sentence.

As the website says, “Our public speakers have extensive experience across a broad spectrum of audiences – from high schools, universities, community-based programs, halfway houses, non-profit organizations, to people-based service businesses.”

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About John Fulle
John Fuller is a Public Speaker and a Prison Consultant who has focused on changing the life of people, with positive attitudes, ideas and hope. John Fuller along with other eminent speakers and consultants work for the development and welfare of the people and community.

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