Prison Consultants John Fuller and Steve Oberfest Have Brooklyn's Belmont Academy in Their Crosshairs


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2013 -- Prison Coaches John Fuller and Steve Oberfest philanthropy for children in the inner cities has not slowed down since 2004 when they pledged to speak to the youth once a month. With Jay Z’s Brooklyn Nets within minutes of an alternative school filled to the brim with rebellious students, Fuller and Oberfest plan to lock horns once again. Fuller states “As Prison Consultants this particular school has been our mission the past four years. It’s Career Day and we are honored that Omar Grilles and Camille Singh have reached out to us due to the impact that we’ve had on their students. Society may have given up but we haven’t.”

Steve Oberfest, the founder of Prison Coach Speaking and Consulting states “These youth haven’t done anything that Doc and I haven’t. The only difference is that youth appear to be more out of control at an earlier age. The young women are more promiscuous, the young men are more prone to violence and drug use at an earlier age.”

Steve Oberfest, President of Prison Coach LLC, a native New Yorker believes that it’s important to reach these youth before the first mistake. “The deck is already stacked against them due to their environment and peer pressure. Once they get a rap sheet it’s three times as bad.”

Fuller believes today’s youth are lacking social skills due to addictive and often violent video games, social media and other forms of technology. “I see young people texting others while gathered in a group. They can’t hold a 20 second conversation without looking at their phones. You rarely see children outside playing stickball, football or other activities because most are consumed with violent video games, their IPods are blaring degrading music that is so non conducive to their growth and development as young people. When you see extreme violence on the news everyone wonders why. The irony is that parents will suddenly pop in front of a news camera stating “My child didn’t do this or that,” but they haven’t monitored their child in weeks or months and sometimes years to ascertain what their children are doing behind doors in their bedrooms.”

Prison Coaches Steve Oberfest, John Fuller and Dr. Tyrone Jennings work close with attorneys and their clients who are facing prison for the first time. Their primary client base consists of entertainments, athletes and politicians who have fallen from grace due to greed. They are paid generously for public speaking but routinely donate their time to troubled inner city children.

The event will be held Wednesday May 1, 2013 at Belmont Academy 355 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238

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