Mendy Zimmerman

"Prisoners" Art Show Displays over 200 Original Painting Collections of Artist MendyZ


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2013 -- is fine art artist based in Chicago. MendyZ has just purchased a new Art studio. The new studio includes different facilities for sculpting, screen printing, painting, wood working, serigraph and lots of other facilities. The unique and innovative art works of this artist is highly regarded by art lovers worldwide and will continue to grow in the new space.

A summer celebration is being organized just west of Chicago marking the outstanding success of the fine art artist MendyZ and the launch of the new art studio. As part of the celebrations there is an art exhibition called “Prisoners: Mind, Body, Soul” displaying all the latest as well as old art collections of MendyZ. The art exhibition gives a dual opportunity for art lovers to view and buy famous and exclusive paintings of the artist as well as see the older work of MendyZ and gain an appreciation of the contextual space of his newer more coveted works.

Some research works will be part of the collections used for the exhibition. The size of art work will range between 6x8 inches to 6x8 feet. There will be works on paper, metal, wood, sculptural, and canvas.

Please contact the gallery for a private viewing of the artowork being displayed for an exclusive offer. The exhibition event coordinators said, “All original work will range between 30%-50% off with a select few large lobby sized pieces going for up to 75% off”. The gallery officials added that at this show there will be the possibility to view more than 200 original art works from 12 different series of the fine art artist MendyZ in this art show alone.

Some of large size painting collections of artist MendyZ were purchased by a Museum in Jerusalem regarded as one of the fist holocaust museums in Israel located on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. The different exclusive paintings collection obtained by the Museum in Jerusalem included Struggles I, Struggles II, Struggles III, Struggles IV, Struggles V versions done by the artist MendyZ. The artist has incorporated some of the wide gestural strokes like angsty, dark and large enveloping canvases with an objective to create genuine horror and a small feeling of connectedness to the atrocitied of the the Holocaust through the paintings.

For more details about the paintings and collections of MendyZ, visit or contact the gallery for a private viewing. Slots fill rapidly, but there will be openings available before during and after traditional business hours so take advantage of one of those slots as quick as you can.

MendyZ is the resident fine art artist art Exclusive Canvas Art | A Chicago art gallery. His works are vast, diverse, and prolific in both medium and technical prowess as well as style, and subject matter. His latest complex art series has begun to be collected by real estate investors and physicians and covers the intersectionality of clinical science and aesthetic art. The works of MendyZ are clearly intended to have a multilayer of understanding and a unique perspective on the subject sure to engage your sense for generations to come. His degrees are in Ethics and Philosophy, Chemistry and Biology, and Clinical Medical Research as well as hard work and dedication to the arts.

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