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Private Equity Headhunters Addresses Complaints by Employers with No Cost Recruiting Promotion


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2013 -- Private Equity Headhunters, a private equity executive search firm, announces a new promotion in response to the complaints the firm has been hearing from employers. The private equity recruiting specialists consistently hear from the companies that they work with that qualified executives are hard to find and the costs associated with doing so are too high. In response to these complaints, Private Equity Headhunters is pleased to offer its executive recruiting services at no cost to employers.

The most common complaint Private Equity Headhunters hears is that executive recruiting services are too expensive. Another complaint that Private Equity Headhunters consistently hears is that executive talent is becoming harder and harder to find as there are less qualified candidates available for these important positions. But by doing their own search to save money, many companies' find that they are not able to find qualified talent to fill the position.

"Right or wrong, the perception shared among most companies seeking top talent today is that with so many people on the market, it should be easy to identify qualified candidates," notes an article on the executive search firm's website. "But then consider the fact that only one percent of those who respond to job postings are actually qualified to do the job, the haystack grows larger and the needle smaller each day."

Because Private Equity Headhunters only works with senior executive talent, the firm has a 100 percent success rate. The firm has relationships with over 2,400 recruiters across the nation, ensuring they are able to make a successful placement every time. With no obligation or cost to employers, Private Equity Headhunters seeks to address the common complaints of employers by offering their services at no cost.

About Private Equity Headhunters
Founded in 1998, Private Equity Headhunters specializes in locating jobs for executives and matches investment seekers with private equity and strategic buyers. The company utilizes its network of 2,400 recruiters and relationships with more than 1,600 PE/VC firms to achieve a job placement rate of 86 percent for national and international executives, even in a weak economy. With a 100 percent interview rate and impressive placement rate, Private Equity Headhunters has consistently ranked first in PE/VC space as a senior executive recruiting firm. For more information, visit http://www.PrivateEquityHeadhunters.com.