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Private Expeditions Offering a Bevy of Tours to Travelers Aiming to Scale Mount Kilimanjaro

United Kingdom based Private Expeditions aims to lift up the thrill of scaling Mount Kilimanjaro by offering a range of tours and treks to avid adventurers.


Staffordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- Private Expeditions has been quite successful in carving a niche for itself when it comes to offering meticulously designed and operated tours and treks across various global trekking destinations. The Staffordshire based premier travel agency, accordingly, has become synonymous with quality, affordability, reliability and assurance for avid trekkers who wish to scale the challenging mountains with ease and unparalleled confidence. The travel agency specialises in organising tours to Mount Everest, Kilimanjaro and Machu Picchu ranges. With intent to offer a range of trekking solutions to avid trekkers, the travel agency organises a bevy of Mount Kilimanjaro treks and tours.

With intent to offer a brief insight into Mount Kilimanjaro trekking options, a senior company executive stated, “Gone are the days when adventurers preferred not to indulge in activities that were too scary to undertake; however, with travel agencies appearing on the scene, now people are more confident about scaling even the peaks. We, at Private Expeditions, take immense pride in offering a bevy of tours to adventurers who wish to make their Kilimanjaro trekking spree a breeze. Trekkers may choose their preferred route from a range of options that include Machame Route, Lemosho Route, Crate Camp Route, Rongai Route, Marangu Route, and Umbwe Route.”

Private Expeditions further offers three options to trekkers who intend to subdue the majestic peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. Private climbs are specifically for those who intend to personalize particular tour with elements they want to include in the package. This tailor-made adventure option is highly popular among trekkers who intend to choose their dates, routes and dedicated team that would assist them through the adventure. Open Group Climbs, on the other hand, is suited to those who are up for flexibility in terms of tour dates, routes, choice of teammates and so on.

The company official commented further, “Scaling Mount Kilimanjaro is certainly a tough task for someone who hasn’t planned about it beforehand. With our aim to help such people out of the quandary, we make all necessary arrangements so that they may feel at ease with the task or adventure ahead of them. The 7-day Machame Route or the 8-day Lemosho routes are just perfect for people who have all sorts of concerns regarding the success rate of the trekking expedition. Our prices vary based on days taken to complete a climb. For group climbs, the rate is £1399; however, those who prefer private climbs would obviously need to pay some extra. On an average, a 7-day climb would cost trekkers somewhere in the region of $200-$250 per person.”

Since Private Expeditions is a fully bonded member of ABTA, the travel agency protects clients’ monies through an insurance bond. Professionals at Private Expeditions understand that trekking Mount Kilimanjaro might involve some chances of failure owing to different reasons; hence, they ensure trekkers’ safety and the value for their monies through the insurance bond.

About Private Expeditions
United Kingdom based Private Expeditions now finds itself among the leading trek and tour organisers who are familiar with mighty peaks across the globe and accordingly, offer the best trekking tours to interested individuals. The travel agency offers several trekking and tour options to clients who intend to scale Mount Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu or Mount Everest with ease and confidence. Anyone interested in trekking to Everest Base Camp would find Private Expeditions perfectly suited to their requirements.