Private Makeup Classes Opens Their Doors in New York City to Teach Hair and Makeup on July 29, 2014

Professional and amateur hair and makeup personnel have a chance to attend a private makeup class in New York City to become the best in their field


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2014 -- For makeup and hairstyling professionals and people who want to become a professional in this rewarding industry, Nina Mua one of New York’s leading makeup and hairstyling companies, are opening their doors to train people in the art of hairstyling and makeup.

For people who are already in the industry who want to advance their career and be trained by some of the best, and most experienced hair and makeup professionals in America, then the Makeup and Hair Workshops in New York is a must.

The Makeup and Hair Workshops are also for people who would like to become a hair and makeup artist. By attending the course, they could turn their hobby and love for hair and makeup into a professional. The workshops are run by experienced professional from the industry of hair and makeup that have worked with the rich and famous.

A spokesman for Nina Mua said: “We have decided to run workshops in Hair and Makeup in New York City to help people advance their careers and become professional hair and makeup consultants.”

The course which is located in the heart of Manhattan: 38 W 32nd St #910-B New York, NY 10001, only allows four people per course, a spokesman for the Makeup and Hair Workshops explained this is to allow each student to be given dedicated attention.

The news of the course has excited many people already in the industry who want to advance their careers by being taught by some of the best in the industry. The course has many reasons to attend the course, which includes:

- Workshops are conducted by the best and most experience makeup and hairstyling professionals.
- Amateur or beginner in the domain of makeup and hairstyling, our classes teach students the fundamentals of these arts.
- The course offers powerful and quick ways for students to start their career in makeup and hairstyling.
- If students are intermediate level makeup and hairstyling professionals, the company can help them to become better at their job and advance their career.
- The workshops have a maximum of 4 people, thus ensuring individual attention.
- The course let students in on the insider secrets and tips for the best makeup and hairstyling jobs.
- Tutors teach students the skills to become a makeup and hairstyling consultant.
- Tips and advice on how to market hair and makeup services.
- Workshops are conducted at the most convenient times for students.
- Customized workshops at a great price.

Professional hair and makeup personnel who attend the course will be able to take their skills and creativity to the next level. People looking to go into the industry that can take them all around the world will gain the knowledge to turn their love into a profession.

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About the Hair and Makeup Course
The Hair and Makeup course is being run July 29, 2014 in the heart of Manhattan: 38 W 32nd St #910-B New York, NY 10001

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