Private Notary Public Is It Worth It


Tacoma, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2012 -- Whether you are walking down the sidewalk, visiting your local bank or going through internet listings of local businesses you may come across a Notary Public. Most of us have a vague awareness of what they do, but we don’t really understand the full range of services that they offer.

In fact, your Tacoma Notary and Puyallup Notary have a number of useful services that they can offer to help with everyday needs when it comes to notarizing contracts and documents. One of the most important services that they offer focuses on one of the most common types of contract, the loan.

A loan is a loan, for a mortgage, auto or otherwise loans need to be notarized by a third party for them to be legally recognized in court. Having your loan notarized by an outside party can help reinforce the validity of the documents that are presented. Although personal loans may be a bit small to seek out the services of a notary, larger loans, especially those for autos or homes require the services of a notary in order to verify the legality of the documents.

Quite often for the sake of convenience a loan operation will have its own notaries either in or nearby to handle these services. However, you may want to use the services of an outside notary just for your protection. The cost of using a third party notary is usually just a small fee and the inconvenience of going to their offices is often well worth the peace of mind that they bring.

Notaries also bring with them the knowledge of the loan process as well as the documents that are used. You can have the notary check out the documents that you are signing and if any major inconsistency or unusual inclusion is there, an experienced notary will probably spot it. In this case, an attorney will be needed to check out the veracity of the loan itself.

When working with attorneys or dealing with title companies, there are documents that must be notarized. You can use the services of your Tacoma Notary or Puyallup Notary to have the documents notarized by a third party which can add a little peace of mind to the proceedings. Again, the fee is often small and reasonable and well worth the service.

The independent notary is often available during both office hours and can offer after-hours or weekend service as well, showing up to where contracts or documents have to be notarized. While the fee can be extra, the convenience of not having to go to their offices and instead, having them arrive where you need their services can be well worth the price. You should check with the notaries in your area to see what services they provide.

When working with a loan signing agent or if you have documents through title companies and attorneys that need to be notarized, consider the services of an outside, independent third party notary public to perform the service.For more details please log on our website