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Private Sports Service Johnny C. Sports Maintains 88 Percentage Win Mark for His 2011 NFL Picks


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2011 -- Johnny C. Sports, the number one sports handicapper in the world, is on track to maintain its 88 percentage wins for NFL picks in the 2011-12 season. The sports service founder created http://www.johnnycsports.com to help the average gambler get the edge on NFL lines, spreads and game analysis via inside information from 30 years of contacts across the country.

For over 35 years, Johnny C has been picking winners in the sports handicapping industry by specializing in the perfect game rather than multiple daily games. With his experience as a professional sports handicapper and gambler, he was heavily recruited as sports gaming consultant, insider, investigator and analyst for four major hotels and sportsbooks in Las Vegas. “I’ve been a part of creating NFL spreads in Vegas for the last 20 years and maintained my winning percentage of 88 or better since 1984,” said Johnny C.

With anything from examining NFL lines or releasing top rated NBA Picks, betting success relies heavily on inside knowledge of a team's ability, the bettor’s math and research skills. According to Johnny C, one thing to consider when determining if there is an exploitable advantage in the current NFL lines is individual matchups.

Johnny C’s plays are rated 1-6 units, with "1" being the smallest wager players should make and "6" being the highest or strongest. Although there is no such thing as a sure bet, Johnny C utilizes his expertise to provide 30 days of 80 percent winners for just $499.00. Players can also get a free NBA Pick or College Basketball Pick by subscribing to the Website’s newsletter. “Now is the best time to sign up for a month of winning sports picks where you get 2 to 4 picks daily and my personal lock of the day,” said Johnny C.

Each week his team of experts will release one play where they feel the line set by the odds-makers favors the wrong side. Once a week they will offer a "Total of the Week" selection that will be either an "over" or "under" the given total as set by the odds-makers on a selection of the experts’ choosing. Members can ask one of Johnny C’s analysts a question concerning a play being offered on the Website. Private VIP players get access to the only selection on the Website that is rated six units. For more information, please visit http://www.johnnycsports.com/

About Johnny C. Sports
Johnny C. Sports is a private sports service providing sports picks to clients. Founder Johnny C supplies the inside information from his contacts of 30-plus years, which include more than 300 game investigators and 200 game analysts and handicappers across the country. For more information, please email info@johnnycsports.com or call 18008365444.