Private Sushi Caterer Celebrating His 4th Year in Business


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- Offersushi is celebrating it's 4th year in business. is a sushi catering business that serves Boston and the surrounding cities, where private sushi Chef Ryan Pellumbi comes right to your kitchen and makes a beautiful event out of your parties. Those with unique taste should give Ryan a try, as his highly acclaimed service is great for people that want to do something a little different at their party.

About Offersushi
Offersushi is run by Chef Ryan Providing: he organizes the business end, and is also the one who goes to homes and becomes customers personal sushi chef. He has serviced corporate parties, birthday surprise parties, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, and more.

Ryan is still excited about his businesses after these four years. “This is not just for sushi lovers is for anyone that want something different and fun,” said Pellumbi, “Most of people are tired with same routine, like a BBQ. They need something unique and fun for their parties. Here we come, and we offer sushi catering right in their homes.” the business website, is filled with praises for the private sushi chef .It also provides a menu, prices, and even sushi classes, where customers can learn how to roll their own sushi and have fun doing it.

About Ryan Pellumbi
“The first time I made sushi, I did not think I could do it or would even like it,” admits Ryan Pellumbi, “I worked next to a Taiwanese chef and every time I watched him create sushi, I would ask myself, 'Am I going to be able to make sushi like him?' That question kept going around and around in my mind. One day I realized that not only had I become really good at it, I also enjoyed creating sushi.

That joy in creating sushi shows in the excellence of his works according Sherri Jubber, a pleased customer. “Ryan is a pure professional,” Sherri wrote, “The sushi was creative, beautiful to look at, and delicious. He used the freshest ingredients and surprised us with sushi we never dreamed of having. It was so good, and he is fun and personable too.”


To learn more about Offersushi, please contact:

Ryan Pellumbi, Head Chef at Offersushi
Boston, Massachuttes, 02110
Phone: 508-450-9063