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Private Tutoring Chicago Announces Tutor Matching Service

Qualified tutors can make the difference between a mediocre grade and a great one, spokesperson says


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2014 -- According to MarketWatch, the supplemental education market has grown to be a $5 billion arena. As more and more people hire tutors, the methods for finding them have changed. Now, centralized databases, franchises, and other such outlets are the norm for a type of business that used to be recommended mostly by word-of-mouth between parents. With this in mind, Private Tutoring Chicago ( has announced its local tutor-finding service.

"Our service matches parents and students with tutors who are good with the proper age groups and have experience in the needed subjects," Mary Young, a spokesperson for the site, tells us. "This is one of the reasons our tutors have such great results when teaching students difficult subjects. An experienced tutor can save a student from failing or bring one with middling grades up to the top of the class."

A common perception of tutors is that they're only used by students who are struggling with their classes. It turns out that this image is no longer accurate. "One thing we're seeing more and more," Young told us, "is that tutors aren't just used by kids who are worried about falling behind. Instead, many of our clients are doing passably well in school and still want to improve. The right tutor can make the difference between earning a C or a B and getting an A. This isn't just a matter of ego for students - higher grades open up more opportunities for scholarships and college admissions. It's well worth it to get tutoring to turn a good grade into a great one."

"General grades in school aren't the only important factor for admissions into good colleges, so we also offer ACT tutoring ( as well as tutoring for other pre-college testing," Young added.

Many parents find the task of deciding who to hire as a tutor to be a bit daunting. Stories of unsavory characters abound, and this often makes people reluctant. We asked what Private Tutoring Chicago does to address these concerns.

"The first thing I want to stress is that all of our tutors go through extensive background checks," Young said. "Then, we test all of our prospective tutors for the other basics. They have to demonstrate expertise in their chosen subjects, show great communication and teaching skills, and have had good grades of their own. On top of all of this, they have to be able to set up individualized teaching plans and have had past experience as teachers or mentors. Parents looking for a tutor can therefore feel completely confident about every aspect of our tutors."

About Private Tutoring Chicago
Private Tutoring Chicago matches parents with highly qualified tutors in and around the Chicago area. Its background checks and stringent requirements for tutors ensure that those who hire them will receive safe and effective tutoring services at any age. It offers tutoring for all school subjects as well as tests like the ACT, so everyone can get the grades they are truly capable of.