Pro Bmx Athletes Are "Giving Back" with a Youth Drug-Prevention Tour of Schools Nationwide


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- In a world filled with athletes, artists and performers who simply work for the biggest contract, a group of Pro BMX Athletes from San Diego, CA. are giving back. This group of athletes ranging from top current competitors to BMX legends, called Wheels of Freestyle, is touring the nation with a LIVE action sports show called The Go BIG BMX Thrill Show. The show is performed as part of a 40-minute special school assembly and delivers not only relevant prevention messages (anti-drug / anti-violence), but also motivates and inspires kids to believe in themselves by setting Big Goals and Big Dreams.

“Each athlete has their own story of how they got to be a pro rider”, says company founder and President David W. Holden. “By speaking from the heart, unscripted, the athletes connect with the kids in a special way, especially after earning their respect with stunts that are amazing to watch” added Holden. Holden’s company was founded in 1996 and has since delivered over 5,000 school assemblies nationwide, using a network of top athletes who also present a positive, clean-cut image, making the show even more welcomed by school staff and parents. “No hard-core attitudes or extremes” said Holden; “we hand-pick our riders who represent the message and effectively deliver it, both visually and verbally.

The company has evolved along with society, adding and adjusting messages to what the current needs are in schools, including a new focus on anti-bullying. “The bottom line is, the kids love to see a LIVE action sports show, so anything the riders promote will be well-received” said Holden. “We try to gear the show to messages that really create a positive vibe, and attaching positive lifestyles to being “cool” and having success, something many entertainers and athletes sadly don’t promote”.

The company just completed an exciting tour of Alaska in February, complete with short-hop flights on chartered planes, and even snowmobile rides to remote locations. “Have bike, love what we do, will ride anywhere” said Holden, with a smile. “The Alaska Tour was an adventure of a lifetime for the riders, and an experience they will never forget”, he added.

They are now gearing up for a busy Spring Tour of California and several regions nationally. Their busiest season and Tours take place in October for the national Red Ribbon Week Drug Prevention Campaign, tours that typically sell-out by late August.

The company has also produced and performed special event shows for ESPN, XGames, Legoland, Disney’s California Adventure Park and many other corporate event clients nationwide. They have even sent teams to Japan and other international locations. “It is refreshing to realize that there are pro-athletes who are giving back to the youth in such a hands-on and meaningful way, and aren’t in it just for the money” Holden added.

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About Wheels of Freestlye Inc.
Wheels of Freestyle Inc., is an action sports entertainment company that produces LIVE stunt shows for special events and schools worldwide. The company has performed over 6,000 performances since 1996, focusing on a motivational school assembly program to reach youth, as their key mission.

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David Holden | Wheels of Freestyle Inc.
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