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Pro Edge Labs Proudly Announces the Launch of Femestril, a Female Enhancement Product


Victoria, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- Pro Edge Labs proudly announces the release of Femestril, a natural female enhancement product designed to restore and nourish the female libido. More than 40% of women between the ages of 18 and 59 experience a decrease in sexual arousal, sex drive and female libido. Femestril solves this problem while putting the "SEX" back in one's sex life, according to Michael Reid of Pro Edge Labs.

Femestril makes use of a 100% natural formula made from herbal ingredients which has been shown to heighten arousal, increase sexual pleasure and enjoyment and improve the female libido. Femestril works gently and safely to restore desire while aiding in achieving climax, a climax which is stronger and more intense. "The effects extends beyond the bedroom as women taking this product notice increased energy and an improvement in mood," Mr. Reid goes on to say.

Reduced sex drive, stress, hormone fluctuations, low female libido and sexual anxiety affect women the world over. Femestril was created to address these problems to make one's sex life more enjoyable and satisfying. "A sex life that is unsatisfactory leads to a considerable strain on a relationship which is why Pro Edge Labs has spent years researching and developing a treatment that is all natural and effective in restoring the female sex drive. The result is Femestril which significantly improves a woman's sexual satisfaction and enjoyment," Mr. Reid explains.

Men wishing to enjoy increase sexual stamina and longer lasting sex aren't left out either thanks to Prexil. This high potency premature ejaculation formula helps males last longer while enjoying better sex and is made of 100% natural powerful herbal ingredients. Men who choose to make use of this product find when they climax, it is stronger and lasts longer, they have increased stamina and endurance along with reduced recovery time. Improved confidence and sexual performance result from the use of Prexil.

Both Femestril and Prexil come with an iron clad money back guarantee so, if one isn't satisfied with the results, he or she has 60 days to get their money back, minus shipping and handling. "The guarantee ensures clients have nothing to lose and a great sex life to gain. What makes these products so great is a difference is seen and felt almost immediately. Why live with a drab sex life when these products are available? Life is too short to have boring sex. With the help of Femestril for women and Prexil for men, great sex is there for the taking," Mr. Reid exclaims.

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