imlioyim jamir Announce the Launch of Its New Range of Heavy Duty Heat Shrink Products


Conroe, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2016 --, a leading supplier of electrical products and service has recently announced the launch of a complete range of heat shrink products and accessories. According to the information provided at the site the company has been offering its customers with a range of high to low voltage heat shrink products which can be used in a variety of application such as mining, agriculture, automotive, electrical industries and transformer.

According to the information provided at the site, its new range of products such as wrap around heat shrinks are ideal for repairing broken cable over sheaths on different types of cables while its dual wall adhesive lined heat shrinks offer superior insulation and sealing properties. In addition, the company also offers think wall heat shrink tubing that are intended for rapid shrinking and to save space. The site further added that its company also offers heat shrinking tubing accessories such as the adhesive lined end caps.

The information provided at the site revealed that the company has a large warehouse which makes it possible for them to stock such a large variety of products. while there are many heat shrink products available in the market, most of these products often contain halogen, a chemical that is responsible for causing damage to the equipments and safety concerns, if burned. Although halogens are known to avoid cables from fire, if it does catch fire, the resulting smokes can be highly toxic.

However, the products offered by this particular company are halogen free. The company further added that unlike other companies, they do not simply offer low-smoke halogen products but also complete halogen free products that are free from various properties such as chlorine, fluorine, astatine, bromine and iodine. Additionally, low smoke products are considered to be less water resistant and have less chemicals and offer inferior electrical and mechanical properties when compared to halogen free heat shrinks.

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