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Proactol Plus Shown in Studies to Help People Block Dietary Fat, Which Can Help With Weight Loss


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2012 -- According to statistics, obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Being overweight or obese can lead to some serious health issues, such as heart problems, diabetes, and many more.

In an effort to lose weight and improve their health, many people are trying to eat better and do what they can to shed some extra pounds. But losing weight successfully is typically a difficult task, and unfortunately, many people will be unable to meet their goal on their own.

A product has been creating quite a buzz lately for its ability to help people finally lose the weight they need to, safely and effectively.

Proactol™ works by making a significant percentage of the fat that people eat indigestible. As an article on Proactol’s official website explains, it can also help lower cravings for those delicious yet unhealthy foods that can often sabotage diet plans. And, unlike many other supplements that also claim to help people lose weight, Proactol is recommended by the medical community.

Proactol Plus™ contains all natural ingredients, which makes it an ideal supplement for all types of people who want to lose weight.

As information on the website explained, Proactol’s active ingredients were recently tested in a double blind, placebo controlled, cross over study in which healthy participants were separated into two groups. One took Proactol’s key ingredient while the other took a placebo.

“After the first initial week the two groups were given a washout period, before being asked to swap. During this period, participants also had to follow a strict diet to ensure that they all received a standardized intake of fats with no risk of inconsistency,” the article noted.

On average, the quantity of fat that was blocked from entering into the participants’ bodies, compared to the amount that they ingested, increased on average by 27.4 percent in the group of volunteers who had taken Proactol’s active ingredient, compared to those who had not.

The official website also features before and after photos of people who have successfully used Proactol, as well as testimonial videos and articles.

For people who would like to buy Proactol, they may do so through links provided on the website. Customers hoping for a Proactol discount are in luck—the website is featuring a Proactol coupon that will allow them to save money when ordering.

About Proactol
Proactol is a naturally-derived supplement that has been show in clinical studies to help people lose weight by reducing the amount of dietary fat that is ingested by the body. It is backed by both medical professionals and people who have used it successfully to shed unwanted pounds. To read an honest review of Proactol Plus, or for more information about the product, please visit http://proactoltruth.com