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Probiotics Coupled with Healthy Diet Can Improve Weight Loss


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Probiotics are commonly found in many health stores and mentioned in nutrition articles frequently. These common organisms are believed to improve health by aiding the digestive system with its numerous processes. And there could be something to it – a recent study showed a link between certain probiotics and weight loss in women.

Research has already determined that the intestinal flora is different in obese and thin individuals. This could be a difference in diet, specifically fiber intake, but researchers were curious and decided to test a hypothesis which suggested that probiotics could help reset the balance of intestinal microbiota and promote weight loss.

The study included 125 overweight men and women who were put on a 12-week diet program. Half the participants were given a probiotic supplement and the other half a placebo, and at the end of the study the women in the probiotic had lost roughly double the weight than those in the placebo group. There was no change in the men in the group and researchers were unsure why. But it was worth noting that during the initial 12 week period and the follow-up 12 weeks of maintenance, the women consuming probiotics list twice as much weight than those in the placebo group.

Researchers did advise that no one should think of these probiotics as a cure-all. Moreover, they should highlight the importance of intestinal health and ensuring a diet rich in fiber and low in fat. These three things combined can assist the body in processing functions, and help women lose weight and keep it off in addition to improving overall wellness.

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