Problem Solved for Taxi Riders with New iOS Application


Alberta, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2012 -- For some, taking a taxi can be a confusing and difficult process.  You try to call a taxi service and they tell you a certain time they will arrive, yet you wait on the phone to talk to a dispatch operator and for the cab itself to come.  Especially during peak occasions such as weekends or holidays, this process can become even more frustrating and the chances of getting through dispatch are slim.  It is a problem most taxi-goers can relate to, but until now, there was no solution for the dilemma.

Taxi-IQ, an iOS application, is just the answer.  The application connects to the taxi dispatch without having to call or wait on hold with the dispatch operator.  After downloading the application, users can add locations, record their cab request to play to taxi dispatch, and get status updates on their call to the cab company.

Developer, Richard Aberefa, says “After you request a cab, our servers call all the taxi companies you’ve setup previously in your area and plays back your recording while also calling you back to join into the conversation intuitively for the first available taxi company.  If any numbers are busy we try the next contact and it circles this way until the request is successful and a notification is sent to notify you also the taxi agent response is recorded and transcribed for you to playback or read at any time.”

The prototype has been tested throughout the world and is so far a success.  With the easy to use and easy to read application design, calling a taxi will be quick and easy.  Developers of the application are confident that this one-of-a-kind application will save time of the phone for hundreds of cab customers with simple and clear recordings for the taxi dispatch operator to hear.  To get started with this application, you can subscribe here at Taxi-IQ.

About Tax-IQ
Taxi-IQ aims to solve the hectic way travelers or local commuters hail cabs, by utilizing an easy and intuitive mobile application that calls to taxi dispatch systems to request cabs for you.

Richard Aberefa
Twitter: @ngrichyj4
Calgary, Alberta