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ProCat Distribution Technologies Offers Full Suite of Solutions with Quick Return on Investment


Gibbsboro, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2019 -- ProCat Distribution Technologies has been successful in helping distribution centers across the country streamline their processes and increase the accuracy of their warehouse operations. The ProCat expanded suite of solutions benefits the entire distribution process including order picking, receiving, put away, replenishment, loading trucks, and shipping. Additional ProCat solutions help companies manage returns, run cycle counts, label products, build logical pallets, and pay for performance. Through an extensive reporting suite, the ProCat solutions provide useful information to assist leaders with better managing distribution centers and give management greater visibility into their operations.

With PickRight, the ProCat automated order picking solution, companies that changed from a paper process experienced a 20-40% improvement in productivity as a result of using the technology. Further to this, companies have been able to achieve an order picking accuracy rate of over 99%. PickRight is flexible and almost always works with a company's existing ERP or order processing systems. Installation typically only takes one week and the system is extremely easy to learn and use.

The ProCat solutions quickly pay for themselves. Return on investment can occur as quickly as 6 months and is typically not longer than 12 months. This quick return on investment has allowed the ProCat technology to be a game changer for many companies across the United States.

For nearly 20 years, ProCat Distribution Technologies has been a leader in providing efficient and reliable technologies that enhance distribution center operations. The ProCat solutions are applicable across a wide range of industries including convenience, foodservice, hardware, and electrical distribution.

About ProCat Distribution Technologies
ProCat Distribution Technologies provides scanning solutions to distribution centers. Our suite of feature-rich solutions enhances employee performance in key functions such as picking, receiving, truck loading, replenishment, and cycle counting. ProCat solutions are currently being used in over 200 warehouses across the United States. No matter what industry, no matter what size, ProCat has the solutions you need to increase accuracy and productivity in your operation. Learn more about ProCat solutions at or call 866-776-2285.