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ProCat Distribution Technologies Recognizes New Jersey Becoming the Warehouse State


Gibbsboro, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2018 -- ProCat Distribution Technologies, a manufacturer and distributor of integrated warehouse solutions, recognizes New Jersey's transition from "the Garden State" to the Warehouse State. New Jersey is home to many of the country's largest distribution centers and has created thousands of new jobs for its residents in response to the increase in online shopping in the state.

The spike in New Jersey warehouse production and employment is a direct result of the state being centrally located as a distribution hub. This is not surprising since New Jersey is within a day's drive of about 40 percent of the entire U.S. population.

With the increase of online ordering, express delivery is more common now, making it effortless for people to order a package and expect it in just a few days. To meet these demands, warehouses have been looking for more warehouse staff, more robust technology, and more productive operations. In fact, in the past two years alone, the industry has accounted for 11% of job growth in the state.

As a company based in New Jersey, ProCat Distribution Technologies is very close to this transition. For almost 20 years, they have been providing warehouse scanning technology that allows distribution centers to thrive. Many warehouses throughout the state and surrounding areas have utilized these solutions to increase accuracy and productivity. Ultimately, ProCat Distribution Technologies' products directly impact the operations of over 185 warehouses, with many of them being in New Jersey.

Every warehouse needs effective technology to keep up with the increased demand in orders. To keep operations running smoothly, ProCat Distribution Technologies offers a suite of software products that assist with every step of the process.

New Jersey warehouses that are interested in improving their operations to keep up with customer demands can contact ProCat Distribution Technologies by visiting or calling 800-610-9461.

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ProCat Distribution Technologies is a technology company that partners with distribution centers to improve accuracy and productivity while reducing customer claims. ProCat is committed to bringing affordable, hands-free, and automated solutions to warehouses. With over 150 years of combined experience, the ProCat team creates feature-rich software. ProCat Distribution Technologies' suite of products assist distribution centers with the receiving, picking, stocking, loading, and shipping processes.

For more information, visit or call 800-610-9461.