Procellix Review and Bonus Package Launched - August 25th 2014


Norfolk, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- Procellix cellulite cream won’t get rid of cellulite but it can reduce the appearance due to its widely publicized main active ingredient. a natural health product review portal publishes dedicated information and procellix review page which includes an exclusive bonus

“Is there anything I can do to reduce the appearance of cellulite?”

It’s a very common question and the answer is Yes. Although there is no permanent solution, people can reduce the appearance of cellulite with a new type of cellulite gel; one of which is called Procellix. Procellix contains 2% aminophylline (commonly used in Asthma inhalers) which research indicates drains water from fat cells by turning fat into heat. The result is a temporary reduction in the appearance of ripples in the skin, which creates a smoother looking surface (reducing the appearance of cellulite)

Procellix review page launched; announced today that in order to help women looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite they have published a dedicated Procellix review page. Product review and customer feedback for Procellix cellulite cream can be viewed at the following page:

A spokesman for health tips website confirmed that they would be providing additional value in the form of an exclusive Procellix bonus package for purchasers of the cellulite cream as well as additional details on best practise for best results. More details on Procellix and how aminophylline based cellulite creams work can be found at the website address mentioned above.

Cellulite is a common problem for women all over the world regardless of body size. Statistics indicate that around 90% of women suffer with cellulite. For more details on ‘Procellix’ visit:

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