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Process Files More Quickly and Easily with BinaryMark's New Batch Files Software Suite


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- BinaryMark, a private software development company with a focus on automation and batch processing, announces the availability of its newest advanced bulk file processing utility, Batch Files. Allowing users to process files in different ways, Batch Files enables IT professionals, system administrators, webmasters, and power users to perform a variety of functions on multiple files using one interface. Users can search and replace both text and binary data in files, as well as add new or remove existing data; rename files; change encoding of files; encrypt files; perform various text and code formatting tasks; and much more using the new Batch Files utility.

The Suite consists of Batch Files, a single, integrated program that combines all the functionality of different constituent utilities into one package, as well as individual tools that specialize in a specific function. This gives prospective users the flexibility to pick the right tool for the job.

If different file processing tasks need to be performed, the Batch Files program combines each piece of software into a tightly integrated solution that provides the widest functionality to serve all file processing needs. If, on the other hand, only a certain functionality is required, a specific tool may be chosen instead. For example, Batch File Replace is designed to search and replace text and binary content using features like Regular Expressions, while Batch Hex Editor works with binary files to insert, delete, move, copy, or replace binary data. Both tools are available as a part of the Batch Files program.

Batch Files operates in three different modes: manual processing, where files are manually selected; automatic/continuous background processing in which program continually scans specified folders for specified files and processes them on the fly; and scheduled/triggered processing in which the program is automatically run in the console or background performing a predefined file processing job. Conditional processing is also possible based on file contents or attributes, so that certain actions may be performed on one group of files, but not on the other.

Batch Files is a bulk file processor program that mass processes all kinds of text, code, and binary files, and is not a BAT script batch file utility (although it can process such files too). Designed for power users, IT professionals, webmasters, web designers and system administrators, Batch Files works with both text-based files like html, asp, php, js, css, as well as binary files to provide unprecedented amount of file processing options.

Additional operations include the option to edit multiple files, rename multiple files using Batch File Rename, replace text in files using RegEx, perform case-insensitive text comparisons, use advanced wildcards to find files, search for files based on content. Built-in Batch Encoding Converter allows one to change character encoding of multiple text files: from UTF, to ASCII, to OEM, to specific code page. It is also possible encrypt files using AES, DES, 3-DES, and RC2 algorithms; as well as generate SHA, MD5, RIPE-MD, and CRC hashes of files’ contents.

Each individual tool in the suite is available to purchase separately or as one complete and advanced bulk file processing utility - Batch Files. All tools are available with a 30-day money back guarantee and can be previewed with BinaryMark's free trial offer.

About BinaryMark
BinaryMark has been on the market for more than five years and specializes in automation, and batch-processing software, as well as select consumer applications. The privately owned software development company makes various software products and web services for individuals and organizations ranging from regular home PC users to IT professionals, and from small two-person firms to large corporations. For more information, please visit http://www.binarymark.com/products/batchfiles/default.aspx