ProCom Makes It Easier for Homeowners to Cut the Cord


Bruceton Mills, WV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2020 -- From gripping dramas to exclusive standup specials, streaming services have taken the world by storm by creating out-of-the-box, high-quality programming. Across the country, more and more homeowners are saying "goodbye" to their outrageously expensive cable packages and switching over to a few affordable monthly streaming services. Homeowners who are looking for an affordable way to stream all of their favorite shows are encouraged to contact ProCom to learn about how their fiber-assisted internet makes streaming fast and affordable.

ProCom is a home internet provider in Oakland, MD committed to lowering internet access prices for both residents and business owners. They use a unique fiber-assisted network to deliver lightning-fast internet at an affordable price. Homeowners get the same access to their favorite streaming sites without buffering — and without a high bill.

Homeowners who are still interested in keeping their cable television services while also boosting their internet speeds should consider the ProDigi Triple Play package from ProCom. With the ProDigi Triple Play package, homeowners can enjoy fiber-assisted phone service, cable television, and internet in Oakland, MD at a fraction of the price of competitors. Even better, the ProDigi package bundles together all bills into one convenient package. Not only do homeowners not have to worry about their home services breaking the bank — they also don't need to scramble to remember multiple due dates any longer.

Maryland homeowners who are looking to save more money in the coming decade are encouraged to switch their home services to ProCom this winter. Anyone interested in learning more about the residential and commercial services available from ProCom is encouraged to give their team a call today at 888-713-0217.

About ProCom
ProCom was founded in 1986 by President Larry Sisler, and specializes in offering innovative and high-quality communication services for both businesses and residents. Serving Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio, ProCom provides its customers with cable, internet, phone and voice over internet protocol (VoIP). They strive for complete customer satisfaction, always available to answer any questions and address any concerns. The staff has over 130 years of combined experience in the industry, using their knowledge to meet and exceed customer needs.

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