Producer Jack Ballo Seeks Funding Through Indiegogo to Release His Documentary 'DESTINY'S BRIDGE'

This documentary is complete, but music licensing has held the producer back from distributing this important film that explores new ideas for housing the homeless.


Lakewood, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- DESTINY'S BRIDGE is about a homeless minister living in the woods who doesn't believe in the shelter system that has become the standard for housing the homeless in America.

Minister Steve Brigham, the founder and a resident of this homeless community in the woods, known as Tent City, has dedicated his life to changing the way we house homeless people. He believes that addressing their emotional needs is the first step to returning a homeless person back to society.

Minister Steve advocates that owning a home, even if it's only a tent, is important to moving a homeless person forward, especially when the only other option is sleeping on a park bench, at a bus station or even in a city shelter that kicks people out to the street every morning.

This concept of ownership and community leads to the Destiny's Bridge model of building tiny homes that are affordable to people who work for minimum wage and prefer a simple lifestyle without all the luxuries that most people depend on.

Over an 8 year period, there have been between 80-120 people living in Tent City at any given time without any government subsidies, effectively saving tax payers millions of dollars. Not only does the documentary explore new ideas for housing the homeless, it also challenges people to see what they can learn from the people living in Tent City and to use it to improve the broken housing system.

Although the film is finished, Jack Ballo and his team can't release it or show it beyond festivals and community screenings until the music rights are cleared. Having the music licensed in the film is crucial to the story and the artistic approach of making Destiny's Bridge. The funding goal for this campaign is $38,000.

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SYNOPSIS: A homeless minister stands up to a New Jersey town that is evicting him, along with 80 other people living in the woods. Police raids and arrests are met by charges of harassment in this explosive documentary that questions the human rights of the poor while exploring new ideas for housing the homeless. With the town closing in and eviction on their doorstep, the homeless set out to create their own self-sustained shelter called Destiny's Bridge, that provides community, ownership and rehabilitation.