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Product Comparison Experts Top Five Awards Launch Webs Best Source for Online Backup Reviews


Cedar City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2012 -- Each year millions of people across the country find themselves relying more and more on computers and digital media to store the memories and mementos that they’ve collected over the course of their lives. No longer do families maintain bulging photo albums or a collection of family films on VHS, these days American’s immortalize their memories by saving a file to a disk rather than gluing a photo into a book.

For this reason, a successful backup regimen is essential to safeguard priceless family photos, important documents and essential correspondence that may otherwise be irreversibly lost should a catastrophic hardware, software or environmental event strike. Luckily, recent advances in technology have meant that effective, easy-to-use backup tools are now relatively commonplace across the internet. The challenge for consumers is finding the best online backup service within a significantly crowded and complex market.

Luckily, this is a challenge that’s now being addressed by the web’s leading comparison review source, TopFiveAwards.com. Taking the hard work out of choosing an online backup provider for American’s everywhere, the Top Five Awards team have compiled perhaps the most comprehensive review system ever seen of the country’s most popular online backup products. With everything from direct comparisons between the leading services currently available on the market to the web’s most authoritative MyPCBackup review, the minds behind TopFiveAwards.com has everyone covered.

The difficulty that comes from most reviews available on the internet is twofold; firstly, it’s difficult to know the motives of the reviewer. Do they obtain financial advantage from promoting a particular product or service? Secondly, most reviews deal with one product without directly comparing it to other leading alternatives in the market. In that way it becomes almost impossible to work out how to compare one site’s Carbonite review to another, especially if the various reviewers use different or obscure criteria to evaluate the products. Thankfully, these concerns are a thing of the past.

The unique benefit of the TopFiveAwards.com system of review is that all online backup products compiled on the site are reviewed against identical, easy to understand criteria. Each product is examined in detail and the results are clearly comparable to other products within the same sector. Each review is packed full of information vital to consumers interested in having a true understanding of each online backup product offering. “We strongly recommend that you read our reviews thoroughly; since there is no doubt that you will learn a great deal about what these firms can do for you,” the Top Five Awards team confirms.

At last, the option of hassle-free online backup has been unlocked for millions of people across the nation by TopFiveAwards.com. Finally empowered to make a truly informed choice on the security and sanctity of their data, American’s everywhere can rest easy knowing their choice of online backup provider was the right one thanks to TopFiveAwards.com.

About Top Five Awards
TopFiveAwards.com was launched in 2010 with a mission to be the world’s number one source for independent product comparisons and reviews. Empowering consumers everywhere via the provision of easy to follow comparison charts, detailed written reviews and product explanations, Top Five Awards is on track to becoming the most trusted consumer destination on the web. For more information, visit http://www.topfiveawards.com