Production Company Targets Movies at Cats

Movies For My Cat Releases Films Meant to Entertain Cats Like Humans


West Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- Movies for My Cat has created the purr-fect holiday gift for the Meow-tin Scorsese in your life: a movie hand crafted just for the eyes of a cat. Complete with various types of birds that will drive cats wild, the movies were developed under the belief that cats need entertainment in their lives just as much as humans do. In a season of great movie releases, your cat can experience his or her own personal screening in the comfort of home, just like Ron Meow-ard does. They have released their premiere film just in time for the holiday season on, hoping to facilitate crossing the most difficult member of your family to shop for off of your gift giving list. You can view satisfied CAT-stomers watching the movies on their YouTube channel at

Pet stores offer toys that cats receive year after year, but a movie heightens cats' sensory experiences and offers them a new form of leisure beyond their expectations. The video content is designed with introductory and ending bells to signal to the cat that the video is beginning and ending. The filmmakers used sound loops meant to particularly entice cats. Like a playful friend, the movies offer to entertain cats all day long with a loop feature. The videos come in two editions and are available as an instant download for those late shoppers worried about shipping.

Whichever holiday you choose to celebrate this season, Movies For My Cat is proud to help provide the purr-fect gift for the member of your family that will love you unconditionally, and never buy you fruitcake. Although your cat may never be able to see Leo and Kate find the heart of the ocean in 3-D, he or she can be their own James Cat-meron by exploring their senses and watching their very first video.

About Movies For My Cat
Movies For My Cat is a production company that makes videos for felines. Their films have been shown to provide cats with natural, health-supportive play

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