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Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- More and more companies are making use of television to promote their products to the public. shows the different reviews of so many products that are seen on the television for the public to have more knowledge about those products.

Wipe new is one of the products often seen by the public on the television. This product is quite popular for men because it helps in the restoration of their cars and prevents them from tarnishing. FabriClear is one of the housewives’ best friends when it comes to cleaning. Fabric clear is a spray that can be applied to any item that is affected by bugs and dust mites. Hot buns are one of the best sellers among the products seen on television. These are hair accessories that are very easy to use especially when in a hurry. When used, it helps in keeping the hair tied up neatly and prevents the hair from getting messed up. GripGo is a simple device intended for mobile phones. When driving one can place their mobile phones inside the GripGo and eventually set it on the dashboards or windshields of the car.

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About is the official review site for as Seen on TV Products. It displays different products shown on television and lets all the readers know more about the products. Wipe new, FabriClear, Hot buns and GripGo are just some of the products that has respective reviews found on

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