Professional and Top Media Outlets Trust Peter Leeds for Top Penny Stocks

Peter Leeds, with more than 14 years of experience offers impartial suggestions for the top penny stocks. Traders and investors readily welcome all the suggestions that come from the extensive experience that Peter Leeds has accumulated.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- All of the suggestions by Peter Leeds have a high potential to earn profits for newsletter subscribers, and various media outlets routinely bring him on for interviews about penny stocks. His knowledge and expertise is readily available and widely received. “Supported by a full team of hand-picked individuals, he has the background, resources, and strategies to keep uncovering exciting companies whose prices are about to skyrocket”, added a spokesperson.

Peter Leeds keeps his sharp eye on the best penny stocks and he aims to help the investors earn the most money that they can. Through his informative interviews on television and in print media, he helps investors understand how exciting and lucrative trading penny stocks can be. In fact, nobody knows about penny stocks better than Peter Leeds as he has been a successful trader for 14+ years and knows the most important factors of evaluating prospective companies to invest in. His well-timed buy recommendations have enabled thousands of investors to chalk up enormous gains within several months, a few weeks – and in some cases even just a couple of days.

Elaborating further, a representative of Peter Leeds’ organization stated, “Peter Leeds has earned his place in the industry as a leader and can be seen in almost all of the most popular news channels. Whether on Russia Today in Moscow speaking about the Facebook IPO or writing articles for Forbes, Peter Leeds is one of the most sought after personalities when it comes to penny stock trading advice.”

By combining fundamental and technical analysis, he has developed a formula which can always find winners in the sea of penny stocks. Readers can subscribe to his newsletter and read more about his strategies at

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