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Is Your in-House Built Forklift Attachment Certified for Capacity Professional Forklift Engineering Services Can Help


Mount Pleasant, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- According to OSHA regulations, all forklifts must have an accurate capacity data plate that reflects the forklift attachments installed. In-house built attachments on forklifts must be certified for capacity and physical properties before a data plate can be issued. The engineering analysis must establish the physical properties and safe lifting capacity of the attachment and then marry the attachment to the forklift and mathematically establish a data plate capacity rating for the forklift and attachment(s) combination. Forklifts without the proper capacity data plate installed are unsafe to operate because the operator does not know the safe lifting limits of the machine which can result in accidents. Improperly marked forklift are in violation of OSHA safety regulations if they continue to operate. Large OSHA fines can be levied on the forklift owner if discovered by OSHA inspectors and serious liability burdens can result in the event of an accident. This is where Professional Forklift Engineering Services can help. Found online at, their team is here to assist customers with their expertise.

With online access, customers will instantly have solutions tailored to leading forklift manufacturers, dealers, brokers, and customers. The company can help with Forklift Attachment Capacity Certifications, Professional Engineered Capacity Calculations, Equipment Configuration, Fork Wear effect on forklift capacity, Forklift Data Plate, Forklift Model Capacity Calculations, and more. Professional Forklift Engineering Services can also help with those seemingly always-changing OSHA regulations.

Their website is the world’s first online professional forklift capacity rating system. Available to all manufacturers, dealers, brokers or customers, it addresses the need for the fast and accurate capacity information that is necessary to properly and safely specify forklift configuration for specific applications. Professional Forklift Engineering Services utilizes calculations made in accordance with best engineering practices, combined with software and algorithms used by professional engineers. This allows customers to obtain instantaneous capacity rating results for any lift height or load center.

Customers can visit Professional Forklift Engineering Services online at, where they will find the Forklift Capacity Calculator and many other features and offerings as well.

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Based in the Charleston area of South Carolina, Professional Forklift Engineering Services is a professional engineering firm specializing in forklift capacity rating calculations. Their proprietary software, which powers our web portal at, was developed by engineers with many years of hands-on experience in providing forklift capacity ratings for some of the world’s largest forklift manufacturers. They are licensed in professional engineering and take pride in helping solve their customers’ problems quickly - and virtually! Visit them online at or contact them at 843.532.6469.