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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2013 -- Entrepreneurship and businesses are finely entwined with risks, both big and small. Starting a personal business or a partnership has its pros and cons and it is always best to hire professional legal aid to sort out matters pertaining to risk taking, especially where there is money involved. Running a business is synonymous to capital and investment.

The Indemnity Broker is a wonderful service for getting indemnity insurance from one of United Kingdom’s best brokers. The Indemnity Broker started off in 1993 as a small business in the heart of UK with only a few desks. With the enthusiasm to help out small scale set ups and self employed consultants with all their indemnity insurance cases, the company has now achieved an elite status of being listed in UK’s Top 100 brokers as well as being a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

The aim of the Indemnity Broker is to let clients focus on growing their business while the company strives to get the best insurance coverage for each business or start up. The company offers the following insurance coverage plans:

- Professional Indemnity Insurance
- Public Liability insurance
- Employers Liability Insurance
- Business Equipment Insurance
- Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance
- Health & Safety Insurance
- Legal Expenses Insurance
- Directors & Officers Insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance is the most sought after policy for businesses. In case the client lands into trouble with money or faces a recession period in the business or some other way of losing money and invested capital, the professional indemnity insurance can help reclaim some part or even all of the lost capital through a proper policy formulated and customized to the needs of the client which adheres to existing laws while protecting the rights of the clients.

Financial losses and risks tied to the business are unforeseen but are sometimes inevitable. It is best to have professional help at hand and what better solution than to turn to the Indemnity Broker? Led by Caunce O'Hara who is an award winning insurance broker, the Indemnity Broker serves small and medium enterprises located in the UK with a wide variety of coverage options to choose from. Full coverage for more than 350 professions is provided for as low as 79 Euros per annum. The company advises its clients to opt for the maximum coverage plans in order to cover all the official as well as legal expenses up to the limit of the policy.

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