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Shandong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- In people's daily life, the fresh fruits are often the first choice for people to quench their thirst feeling in hot weather. In addition to the natural water into the fruit, they also contain a large amount of nutrition and vitamin which people's body operation needs. Apart from the fresh fruit, the dried fruits such as such as raisins and kumquat have also been liked by people. So, someone would have the puzzle about which one should have higher nutritional value, Fresh fruits or dried fruits? In order to help people have fully understanding about this, the dried fruits supplier Panda Foods Ltd ( would take the comparison between fresh grape and raisins as example to let know the detail about this.

The fresh grade contains sufficient water and the raisins which is one kind of bulk dried fruit is sweet, delicious and easy to be saved. Many people have heard of that the nutritional value of raisin is higher than that of fresh grapes higher. Is this wording true or not? The expert from dried fruits supplier has told people the truth.

In comparing to the nutritional value of fresh grade and raisin, people will usually take 100 dried fruits wholesale grams grapes and 100 grams raisins as comparison but this method of comparison does not really fit. This is because fresh grapes contain more water and the 100 g fresh grape could only produce 20 grams raisins after drying out the water. So, if people could supplement 8 mg of calcium and 14 mg phosphorus from eating for 100 grams of fresh grapes, then people could also replenish the same volume of nutrition by eating more than 20 grams raisins. This calculation is right.

The nutritional value of fresh grapes and raisins only has little difference, which is mainly in that the nutrients of fresh grapes are more completely than raisins and the fresh grapes contain more active substance and material. While after drying out process, the glucose level of the raisin should be much higher than grapes and some active substances will be lost.

The suggestion from which is the best dried fruits supplier is that diabetes Goji berry China patients whose glycemic control is better can eat a few grains of fresh grapes because the grape skins and grape seeds contain the substance which could help people clear blood vessels and reduce the blood pressure. This would be good for cardiovascular. However, the raisin should be avoided because the sugar proportion of it is very high

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