Professional Map Maker Alejandro Polanco Returns with "Lost Worlds" Fantasy Map

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, to Enable High Quality Digital Download


Valladolid, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2018 -- Alejandro Polanco is pleased to present yet another adventurous poster map, "Lost Worlds". The project is now available on Kickstarter for backers to support. Alejandro also has an ongoing project "Minimal Geography" on Kickstarter. This is also a poster map that offers a different point of view about the world. "Lost Worlds" is a digital fantasy map with lots of fictional ingredients such as the lost continents, phantom islands, mythological animals, cartographic errors and more. This map is a way to explore the wildest imaginations that one could have. The project was started on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. The funds will be used for the purpose of making these maps available in high quality digital formats for customers from across the world.

There is always a logistics problem when it comes to fine art projects being delivered to different parts of the world. There are problems with deliveries, as many customers complaint of defective art works. With digital archives, one can put a check to this problem. Customers can now order a digital map and can get them printed locally. They can print as many as they want as they would be in possession of the original project files. This also enables them to edit and play with their own imaginations. The map would be distributed in three various formats and four different sizes. The Kickstarter project comes with several rewards, one of which enables the backers to earn a complete collection of "Maptorian", a template that can be edited and designed to their liking.

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About Alejandro Polanco Masa
Alejandro Polanco Masa is a Science Writer, a Graphic Designer and a map maker. Alejandro is also the author of various essays on Scientific Dissemination and some of his major works are Heretics of Science (2003), Time Travelers (2011), The Journey of Argos (2012), Made in Spain (2014), a Novel and a blog on science and obsolete technology culture. Alejandro is a CTO and Content Manager at Arbotante Patrimonio e Innovacion SL, UVa Scientific Park (Spain).

Contact Person: Alejandro Polanco
Company: Alpoma
City: Valladolid
State: Castile and Leon
Country: Spain