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Shandong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2013 -- Panda Foods Ltd recently promoted a series of preferential activities for each of their clients. Consumers who like eat nuts and bulk dried fruits could not miss this good opportunity. As the leading nuts and dried fruits wholesale supplier, Panda Foods Ltd prepares to introduce with people the strong points for the eating with nuts. If people want to have fully knowledge about the advantage of nuts and dried fruit, please see website .

The benefits of eating for nuts are varied. The nuts could not only have numerous sorts of nutritious but also different sorts of nuts should have different health benefits. The expert from Panda Foods Ltd said:¡±As the coming of winter season for northern hemisphere, all of people in countries where located at northern hemisphere should regard the nut eating as the daily health keeping activity.¡±

There are four commonly nuts which people could commonly eat in winter. These four sorts bulk dried fruits of nuts could not only supply the daily nutrition with people, but also help people relieve fatigue and replenish energy for body.

The first one should be the commonly walnut which main function could help people reduce the level of cholesterol in people¡¯s body. Many studies have found that diets rich in walnuts can significantly reduce people¡¯s cholesterol level. The expert from which is the professional supplier for nuts & seeds China said:¡±Eat 30 grams walnuts per day for a month. The cholesterol level of people would have largely reducing. People could also become very strong.¡± If people have been suffered from the high cholesterol level, the walnut must be in their daily diet.

The second nut is the cashews which are also known as Anacardium occidentale. Cashews have the outstanding function of eliminating fatigue. The proportion of iron element into Cashew should be twice than that into beef. People should know that the Iron element could help body¡¯s oxygen supplying. The lacking of iron can cause into fatigue and decreased attention. On the other hand, cashews are rich in oil which could not only help to laxative but also be better to people¡¯s skin health. However, this nut is not suitable for people whose gallbladder has patient.

Peanut should be more common than walnut and cashew. The fat, protein and fiber in peanut could help to enhance satiety and reduce the amount of snacks in people¡¯s daily life. In other words, it could help people reduce weight. The most important point is that Peanuts are quite good therapeutic for people who have patients with tuberculosis and cancer. Peanuts are high-fat, high-calorie foods so people who have chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis patients, diabetics and obese patients cannot eat peanuts too more.

Almond is another commonly nut which has outstanding function for the prevention and treatment dried fruits China for diabetes. Almonds are rich in dietary fiber and low in calories so it can reduce the glycemic index of food. While almonds are also rich in magnesium element, it could play a regulatory role on blood sugar. People who have diabetics and menopausal women should eat more almonds.

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