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Professional Pest Inspection Company in Portland, Columbia Pest Control, Offers Inspection, Eradication and Prevention Services


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2016 -- As a premier pest inspection and pest eradication company in Portland, Columbia Pest Control wishes to draw homeowners' attention to the possibilities of pest infestation on their properties. The company and its highly trained pest control professionals especially want homeowners who are going to place their property on the market to avoid any unpleasant pest related surprises by getting their home professionally inspected for pests before placing it on the market.

A property with a pest infestation is highly likely to deter interested buyers. An infestation can make a property look shabby and unmaintained which can have a negative effect on the price off the property or worse - put off the buyers altogether. To avoid such unfavorable circumstances Columbia Pest Control suggests that property owners call upon pest control professionals to take a look at their property and identify any problems before placing their home on the market.

Columbia Pest Control spokesperson said: "Preventing a pest infestation before it occurs is something that should be considered in all structures be it your home or business. By keeping up on regular inspections and maintenance you can avoid a potentially costly problem before it becomes a health hazard or before structural degradation occurs."

The Professional Pest Inspection Portland team at the Columbia Pest Control, Inc can carry out thorough inspections to find infestations and provide solutions that eliminate the problem.

The spokesperson further added: "We have over 30 years of pest control experience and exterminating services here in the Northwest serving thousands of customers from homeowners, property management companies, and commercial enterprises large and small. Here on our site you can learn more about our company and the many types of services we provide ranging from inspections through eradication, control, maintenance and prevention."

About Columbia Pest Control, Inc. (
Columbia Pest Control Inc. provides pest control, extermination and maintenance services. The company was established in 1989 by Mike Giskaas, who serves the company as its President, with Columbia Pest Control being headquartered in Portland, OR.

Columbia Pest Control offers fast, dependable, and environmentally safe pest control, eradication services, and maintenance plans throughout the greater Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Columbia Pest Control is a community leader in the pest control industry and prides itself on having some of the best experienced, licensed technicians who can handle the toughest problems in pest control.

Columbia Pest Control provides unparalleled customer service and wants to continue to foster strong relationships with its customers and the community.

To see how Columbia Pest Control can provide pest control and maintenance services in a home or place of business safely, visit their website – or call the team on 503-254-1606.

Columbia Pest Control Inc
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Portland, OR 97220
Business Phone: 503-254-1606
Owner: Mike Giskaas
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