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Professional Santa Suits Announces the Sale of Their New Santa Costumes


Mountain Center, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/02/2012 -- Professional Santa Suits ( is announcing today that their new Santa costumes and accessories are now available for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Cathy Gregoire, media contact, was asked about the development of the site. "We love Christmas and it has always been our favorite time of year. One of the things I remember most as a child was being able to see Santa Claus and bringing my list of what I wanted for Christmas. The joy that brings to a child is priceless and we wanted to have way of being part of that joy by offering quality Santa suits".

"Of course, we have learned after opening our store that the adults wearing the Santa suits are having just as much fun as the kids and maybe even more since watching the eyes of a child light up seeing Santa Claus is something words cannot express. Christmas is a fun time and I'm thrilled that we, as a company have found a way to be part of the tradition and helping to bring smiles to those wearing the suits and the hopes and dreams it brings the children", said Ms. Gregoire.

Asked about the types of Santa suits and the other costumes the site sells. Ms. Gregoire said, "We offer the Crimson Imperial, which is a favorite due to the fabulous texture of the material. We also have the Imperial, which is also popular, but has a different feel than Crimson material. Another favorite due to the great price is the velour suit, which is soft but very comfortable to wear. We offer Mrs. Claus costumes too, which if there is a party or whatnot this costume definitely helps make it that much better."

"Of course, we offer a complete line of accessories such as wigs, beards, Santa bellies, white Santa gloves, Santa glasses, and even the small bell that many Santa's use for charitable functions around this time of year, which we do sell a lot of our costumes to these charitable events", Mrs. Gregoire added.

What about shipping? Do you ship anywhere domestically and can the suits be shipped internationally? Mrs. Gregoire answered excitedly, "I'm so thrilled you asked this question! Yes, we ship anywhere in the United States with flat rate shipping based on the dollar amount of the purchase rather than the weight, which works out to be a cheaper shipping rate for people that placing small orders and those that place larger orders. We do offer international shipping, but we ask those that need this shipping to call for a quote before placing an order."

Asked about the future of the business and the website. "We are thrilled to see the increase in traffic on the website and our future is definitely looking bright. We are offering more products this year than we ever have and will continue to offer quality suits and costumes at affordable prices", Mrs. Gregoire concluded.

About Professional Santa Suits
Professional Santa Suits began out of the owner's love of Christmas and Santa Claus. Being able to offer Santa suits, costumes, and accessories has been a way for the company to spread the Christmas cheer to suit wearers and children all over the world. The company is located in mountains of Southern California.