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Professional SEO Services Company Founded by Justin Arndt Adds Full EDU Blog Creation Services


Lancaster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- The Professional SEO Services Company founded by Justin Arndt is pleased to announce that they have recently added a new service for full EDU Blog Creation with keyword research, link building and hosting all included. The professional high-end SEO Services Company provides high quality services for high demand and professional quality websites including Brand Management, Link Building, Press Release Services and Guest Post Service among others.

For businesses, institutions, students and others that want to bring important educational information to a targeted audience, the mechanizations of SEO and its elements often go beyond their own understanding. As a way to support these EDU Bloggers, the professional SEO services company founded by Justin Arndt is now offering full EDU blog creation that includes keyword research, link building and hosting all in one package.

“Early in my days as a Penn State student, I had a profound interest in the power of blogging to educate and inform, yet I was still unaware of how to market the blog effectively online beyond just creating it,” said Arndt. “As I developed a strong understanding and proficiency in all aspects of SEO and online marketing for my company, I wanted to add this comprehensive EDU blogging service to my roster of SEO services for anyone that needs them.”

As an SEO company focused on owners of professional websites, Arndt’s professional SEO Services Company sees brand management as a central service to creating a strong online presence. Their services enable website owners to centralize management and subsequent use of all branding elements from press releases, articles and blogs to social media sites and beyond. “Our vision of successful brand management allows website owners to do more with less through centralizing their brand management efforts—both online and offline—through us,” said Arndt.

Backlinks are the engine that can drive traffic to a site via its content by connecting it to high profile sites. From shared online bookmarks to niche-relevant blog comment insertions, the SEO Company utilizes proven techniques that contribute significantly to higher website ranking due to their high user-base relevance. Another important area of link building services is web property creation, which utilizes client/industry-centered articles and blogs as the cornerstone of increased website traffic. The company’s new EDU Blog creation service is an extension of this goal. For more information, please visit http://www.personal.psu.edu/jia5319/blogs/justin_arndt/

About Justin Arndt’s SEO Services Company
The professional high-end SEO Services Company offers a number of high quality services intended for high demand and professional quality websites. Among their services are Brand Management, Link Building, and Press Release Services. The SEO Company has recently added full EDU Blog Creation with keyword research, link building and hosting all included as their latest service offering.