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Professional Tank & Environmental Now Offering Soil Remediation This Fall 2013


Tullytown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- Professional Tank & Environmental, one of the leading companies for underground oil tank removal in Chester County, is pleased to announce they are now offering soil remediation for all underground tanks. Polluted soil can have many adverse health risks and it’s very important to have an experienced company to remove all contaminates from the soil.

Most underground tanks do not leak, but overtime they can have wear and start to break down. Once the tank starts to leak, it becomes a very serious situation for the homeowners. The problem with an underground tank is that the homeowners usually do not know when it starts to leak. They should have the soil tested regularly to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the family. A leaking underground tank can also become a very bad situation for the homeowners should they decide to sell the home.

Professional Tank & Environmental advises that no property should be purchased until all underground tanks are tested. If there is a leak, the tank needs to be removed and the soil needs to be cleaned immediately before the purchase of the property can go through. If the situation is not remedied before the sale of the property, then the new homeowners are responsible for removing the tank and the soil remediation. Remediation of soil is bound by regulatory requirements and a fully licensed and insured company with experience and knowledge needs to perform this service.

As one of the most recommended companies for underground tank removal in Chester County, Professional Tank & Environmental will perform a site assessment and give the homeowners an estimate to remedy the situation. There may be an old tank that needs to be removed or a tank that is still in use that needs to be fixed. With either situation, the soil needs to be cleaned of all pollutants and contaminants as set forth by the regulatory guidelines for the state the property is located.

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