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Professional Tank & Environmental Offering Oil Tank Removals and Installations This Spring


Tullytown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2014 -- After a long and grueling winter, the ground has frozen over, and underground tanks may be malfunctioning. This can be due to frozen pipes, downed power lines, or sludge buildup from condensation in the tank. Depending on the age of the oil tank, experts could find it to be on its last legs. As many families and homes rely on their oil tanks for heat and hot water, Professional Tank & Environmental is announcing their services for oil tank installations and removals this spring season.

With the amount of snow the greater Philadelphia area has experienced this winter, the tank can be seriously damaged. When needing an oil tank removal in Philadelphia, the professionals make sure to remove all petroleum from the tank before it is removed to prevent any unwanted accidents. They have the proper permits and equipment for the project, marking utilities and using plywood to protect the surrounding property for their client’s.

To get the area ready for a new installation, a soil bed is created on level ground to place the new tank. Soil will be placed around the tank once implemented into the ground, and the professionals will grade it for settlement. The grading, after a thorough soil analysis, ensures there are no leaks that cause further problems for the oil tank replacement near Chester County.

Professional Tank & Environmental is an authorized company of ProGuard, a program where customers agree to a protective service. This way, if the tank is examined before removal, and has more problems than one might think, customers are protected from additional costs associated with the tank. For the convenience of their clients, they are available to take a request for all repair and replacement needs around the clock, seven days a week. To inquire about pricing, or to schedule an appointment with a professional technician, please call 215-720-1964 or visit their website today.

About Professional Tank & Environmental
Professional Tank & Environmental is family owned and operated, providing over 30 years of experience in the oil heating industry. They serve both residential and commercial property owners in the greater Philadelphia area. They pride themselves on operating in-house, not contracting any of their work. This allows customers to trust they are getting the personalized service they deserve. Commonly, Professional Tank & Environmental works with insurance companies, heating supply businesses, and real estate agencies. The crew strives to provide the very best installation, tank removal and oil heating services.

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