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Professional Tank & Environmental Provides Affordable Options for Soil Remediation


Tullytown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/08/2017 -- Local property owners dealing with soil contamination as a result of an old or malfunctioning underground tank are turning to Professional Tank & Environmental, which provides top-quality soil remediation solutions and oil tank removal services in Philadelphia.

No one wants to harm the environment surrounding them, but many home and business owners find themselves unknowingly contaminating the soil around them for long periods of time thanks to a fuel or tank leak.

Old tanks and tanks that were improperly installed are the most common culprits of environmental damage, which is why it's crucial to choose a reputable and experienced business for any initial tank installation or replacement. Residents are advised that soil remediation should be begun as quickly as possible in order to prevent further environmental damage and to make cleanup as quick and efficient as possible.

As a general rule, the most time and cost-effective solution is usually to excavate the malfunctioning tank and soil and to fill the space with clean and fresh backfill following excavation. While a fuel leak from a non-regulated oil tank may not be required to meet specific guidelines, other third-party environmental and water supply laws must be followed, making it important for residents concerned about a fuel leak to speak with a professional tank installation company prior to excavation.

Residents and business owners worried about a leak or a potential soil contamination are encouraged to call Professional Tank & Environmental at 215-720-1964 for more information about soil remediation and underground tank removal in Philadelphia.

About Professional Tank & Environmental
Professional Tank & Environmental is family owned and operated, providing over 30 years of experience in the oil heating industry. They serve both residential and commercial property owners in the greater Philadelphia area. They pride themselves on operating in-house, not contracting any of their work. This allows customers to trust they are getting the personalized service they deserve. Commonly, Professional Tank & Environmental works with insurance companies, heating supply businesses, and real estate agencies. The crew strives to provide the very best installation, tank removal and oil heating services.