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Professional TV/Film Session Singer Gerald White Teaches Novice and Pros How to Sight Read and Sight Sing Music

Singers looking to improve their music comprehension, boost their confidence, and nail those auditions—LA Sight Singer was designed for you!


Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Novice, amateur, and professional singers alike all have one thing in common—they need to develop the skillset to sight read and sight sing music. This could be to help learn new songs, audition, or nail a last minute gig that comes their way. The challenge is that even singers with extreme vocal talents often have a difficult time reading new music that is presented to them. As an accomplished Voice Coach, songwriter, composer, and professional film and TV Session Singer Gerald White saw both the need and the desire for an innovative and effective way to teach singers to develop their music reading skills—which is how LA Sight Singer was born.

LA Sight Singer provides online classes that singers of all skill levels can go to learn how to sight sing and sight read music—or to improve upon their current abilities. All classes are conducted online giving touring musicians an opportunity to continue to improve their music comprehension, and singers across the world the opportunity to work directly with Gerald White.

“For anyone entering the music industry learning how to sight read and sight sing is a must. In my 15+ years working in the industry I see even seasoned singers struggle with reading new music presented to them in auditions. With my easy to access online classes singers can build the confidence they need to audition and perform live.” LA Sight Singer Founder Gerald White

LA Sight Singer was developed with several key goals in mind—to increase singers confidence levels, decrease fear when faced with a job that requires singers to sight sing or sight read, help singers prepare for auditions, increase singers ability to communicate with other musicians, and make singers a valuable asset their current band or employer.

LA Sight Singer gives its users access to free sample video exercises, guest interviews from industry pros, and a list of current resources. All classes on the site are customized for students of all skill levels and all students can track their progress via their weekly interactive lessons.

About Gerald White
Gerald White’s impressive list of film and TV Sight Singing credits include GLEE, Family Guy, and Burt Wonderstone. His most recent songwriting and composing credit can be heard on House of Lies and LOGO. You can experience all that LA Sight Singer has to offer and reach Gerald White directly by going to the website:

LA Sight Singer / Gerald White
3019 Pico Blvd. Suite 3 E
Santa Monica, CA 90405