Professional Voiceover Services Offered by Experienced Speaker, Salesman, and Former Reverend

Mark Stidham, an experienced public speaker, sales professional and former reverend, now offers voiceover services to assist with selling any product or service and become the voice of any brand.


Bassett, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2013 -- Public speaker and sales professional Mark Stidham is now available for voiceover, sales, and speaking projects to represent any brand, product, or service. Stidham offers professional voicing to all clients and brands. Commercial television and radio experience has given the former reverend the ability to effectively sell products and services under challenging circumstances and a difficult economic climate.

Having contributed to anything from a television ministry show to automobile ads for local radio stations, Mark Stidham has the experience in his field to get the job done. In addition, he has also held other speaking, teaching, and public relations positions and has the demonstrated ability to reach out and relate to all audiences, regardless of age or demographic. Stidham has lent his experience, over the past decade, to the educational and inspirational needs of at-risk children, church members, and teens. He has contributed to various fine arts and music classes.

Mark Stidham brings to his voiceover services a unique voice and creative personality, while an engaging and entertaining voice enables the voiceover artist to find a unique approach to each project and performance. Philanthropic and community work also add to the experience in his diverse background. An award-winning standup comic, Mark also has the experience to appeal to all audiences; therefore, he knows how to work with people, sell brands, and do so effectively, whether it is via a television commercial or PowerPoint presentation.

To learn more, please visit the Voiceovers by Mark website at to learn more and contact Mark Stidham for more information. Your project will be discussed in detail if you request voiceover work. All rates are negotiable and commensurate with each individual project.

About Voiceovers by Mark
Voiceovers by Mark is a professional speaking service offered by Mark Stidham, a former reverend, experienced speaker, and sales professional. The voiceover services receive consistently positive reviews and can represent the brand of any product or service. In addition, teaching, public relations, and radio experience has helped the voiceover professional maximize his ability and effectiveness.

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