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Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi Chosen for a Prestigious Position

To the first ever Professor-in-chief of the Alternative Medicine Campaign


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2015 -- Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi has been chosen as the first ever professor-in-chief with immediate effect by the Alternative Medicine Campaign. It is another feather in the cap for the man, who is often referred to as the world's most controversial medical doctor.

Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi is a renowned name in the field and has a sterling clinical career that spans across generations. He is looked at as a physician who scientists fear the most. Now he will provisionally serve a term of 12 years in his new position. It will involve fundamental remit relating to the (evidence-based) clobbering of skeptic (science-biased) Fraternity.

Doctor Obi seems like the best fit for the position given his years of prolific work in the field. His contributions to the world of science biased medicine are well documented and his opinion on the subject well received by people from different walks of life.

Professor Joseph Chikelue Obi himself shed light on the work when he said, "There is a world of total difference between Science-Based Medicine and Science-Biased Medicine; most especially when clinical medicine is actually an advanced form of art, rather than a (predictable) perfect science."

Doctor Obi, who is very involved in clinical matters, is also known for his other interests that include being the celebrity gossip cartoonist for the Perez Kardashian blog. He also works with a few other cutting edge political websites in his spare time.

About Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi
He is a renowned medical doctor, who is considered to be the founding father of Science Biased Medicine. He is also the Celebrity Gossip Cartoonist with Perez Kardashian blog and works with some of the other edgy political websites.

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